An Hot Hot Hot Exhibition!

The exhibition The Museum is on fire is under way and visitors come out very please. Remember that it is on April 15, 1898 that the great fire had destroyed 35 buildings in Sutton.

Also, the administrators of the museum, in collaboration with volunteer firefighters, thought to organize a special day next Saturday, May 21. From noon to 16 pm, it will be possible to visit the exhibition but also to participate in outstanding activities:

     * "cantine" with hot dogs, chips and soft drinks
     * background music and make-up for children
     * workshop to create prevention posters
     * old firetrucks rides if the weather permits

Come picnic with your family and the entire team of volunteers from the Museum of Sutton and volunteer firefighters and take the opportunity to visit, or revisit, the permanent exhibition which surprises every time those who have not yet visited.

Richard Leclerc
Responsible for temporary exhibitions

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